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LawyersEdge Podcast  with Patricia Gillette Pat recognizes the uneven playing field for women and minorities in the legal space. That’s why she co-founded the Opt-In Project — a nationwide... read more
Webinar Workshop: How About Me? Getting the Recongnition You DeservePatricia K. Gillette Asking and telling. That is what helps you advance in your workplace. That is what gets you the compensation... read more
Webinar Moderator: Patricia K. GilletteIt was truly my pleasure moderate our webinar that gave Valerie the opportunity to share her wisdom with so many. And a big thank you to DirectWomen for... read more
Podcast: Finding Balance in an Unbalanced WorldHosted by Abhijat with Patricia K. Gillette In this Fringe Legal hosted discussion Abhijat Saraswat speaks with Pat Gillette. During the... read more
Daily Journal - Sunday July 10th, 2020 By Patricia K. Gillette We lawyers like to think of ourselves as fair minded, rule of law proponents, but in fact, we have long ignored the... read more
Being a Woman in a Woman's World - Making Your MarkFeaturing Patricia K. Gillette, Bailey Bosch, , Rachel Brushfield, Yolanda Cartusciello, Susan Saltonstall Duncan, and many moreFor women, by women... read more
Dorothy. For most of us that name evokes immediate images of a young woman, a hurricane, and the wicked witch. Yes, the Wizard of Oz. But one image Dorothy never conjures up is that of a female... read more
By Patricia K. Gillette2nd edition.   Stripping back the negative associations many lawyers have with the ‘S’ word – selling – is a crucial step in redefining a lawyers approach to business... read more
Pat partners with the American Bar Association and offers inside tips on what sets lawyers apart when it comes to Rainmaking and how to differentiate yourself and your firm when pitching to... read more
Leadership Can No Longer be a Man's Field:How to Successfully Implement the Mansfield Rule  Change is like heaven. Everybody wants to go there, but no one wants to die. Perhaps that explains why... read more
Unleashing the Potential of Women in LawFeaturing Patricia K. Gillette, Carol Frohlinger, Epstein Henry Esq, Cathy Fleming and many moreThe lack of women in power positions could be costing law firms... read more
Why are so many people afraid of the dark?  Maybe because you don’t know what’s there.  You sense danger. So you remain quiet and wait for someone to turn on a light.That is what it feels... read more
Pat Gillette Receives Distinguished 2015 Golden Hammer AwardThe ABA Law Practice Division Diversity & Inclusion Committee and the ABA Women Rainmakers have awarded this year’s Golden Hammer Award... read more
Pat Gillette co-founded the Opt-In Project, which tapped into the wisdom of industry leaders to find innovative strategies for the retention of professional women in the workforce. The results of the... read more
Pat Gillette played a key role in the research for this groundbreaking study by Lawyer Metrics, which identifies the characteristics that make rainmakers successful, and confirms that these... read more
Making a list and checking it twice. That's what Santa does. And then he brings gifts. For a long time now, law firms have been helping the legal industry’s equivalent of Santa (read "law firm... read more
Women had to fight for the right to take maternity leave. We had to fight for the right to work part time. We had to fight for the right to work remotely. These issues drove women’s initiatives,... read more
The concept of feminism has been around for decades. It has been written about, sung about, bantied about. It has been the subject of conversations in Congress and decisions of the United States... read more
10 cents. That’s how much it cost to change the behavior of hundreds of thousands of people in the Bay Area. When cities and counties imposed a 10 cent cost for a paper bag at the grocery store,... read more
Sweet 16 and never been kissed. That was the mantra for teenage girls in the 1950s and early 1960s. Sixteen was the beginning of everything — and if you had never been kissed, you soon would be, or... read more
Change is in the air: change in the way work gets done, in the way performance is measured, and in the way law firms interact with their clients. But how does this square with the psyche of lawyers... read more