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Mansfield Rule

RainMakers: Born or Bred

2nd Edition — Patricia Gillette.

Packed with opinions and advice from actual clients and rainmakers alike, it will help you to make the most of the business development opportunities that present themselves every day – while staying true to your own personality.    Use code: AUTHRBB for 15% discount

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Women in Law

Angela Han with Patricia Gillette.

Each story in Women in Law, Discovering the True Meaning of Success, is as unique as each of the 23 authors, expressing the trials and tribulations leading up to a defining moment in each author’s life.

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Beyond Bias

Unleashing the Potential of Women in Law

Featuring Patricia K. Gillette, Carol Frohlinger, Epstein Henry Esq, Cathy Fleming and many more

Beyond Bias - Powerful book on women in law

The lack of women in power positions could be costing law firms far more than they think in both economic and cultural terms. Quite aside from the widely accepted understanding that more diverse teams perform better, research shows that it actually costs more and takes longer to replace female partners than their male colleagues.

The problem is far from new but law firms “usual answers” business development training, diversity programs, investment in “women’s initiatives” doesn’t seem to be having much of an effect, despite the collective millions of firms are spending on these.


A new book Beyond Bias: Unleashing the Potential of Women in Law highlights the practical steps all firms should be taking to address these issues and start moving the needle. It covers topics including:

  • The monetary impact of losing and replacing female talent
  • How firms should be identifying and mitigating female turnover risk
  • What firms are currently doing to hold on to their female stars – and why it’s just not working.
  • Opportunities for women to maximize the training they are receiving
  • Moving into positions of power and leadership
  • How implicit biases and psychological inflexibility prevent women from being offered opportunities to progress
  • Acceptance and commitment training (ACT) use in recognizing and overcoming internal barriers
  • Understanding the motivations and preferences of millennial lawyers
  • The best business development activities to focus on to progress careers
  • How women can get self-promotion right – and use it to their advantage
  • Personal perspectives on forging successful careers in the law
  • And much more…

Beyond Bias: Unleashing the Potential of Women in Law is packed with exclusive insight, experience, and research from a broad range of lawyers, coaches, academics, thought leaders, and consultants, including:

  • Patricia K. Gillette has written the second chapter: “Fix it, not them” – Let’s blow up the idea that women need special help to assume positions of power in their firms and focus instead in the institutional and structural issues that have prevented women from entering the rooms where power is wielded. This chapter discusses some of the “easy fixes” to the system that can take the place of programs designed to fix the women.
    Included in Pat’s chapter are:
    • The Mansfiled Rule
    • Enhancing opportunities for building client relationships
    • Scanning performance reviews and feedback for gender inequities
    • Implicit bias training

Other Key Contributors:

  • Paola Cecchi-Dimeglio, behavioral economist and chair of Harvard Law School’s Executive Leadership Research Initiative for Women and Minority Attorneys at the Center on the Legal Profession
  • Audra Dial is the managing partner for Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton LLP’s Atlanta office
  • Cathy Fleming, a partner at Fleming.Ruvoldt
  • Carol Frohlinger is the president of Negotiating Women Inc
  • Debbie Epstein Henry Esq, founder and president of Flex-Time Lawyers LLC and co-founder and managing director of Bliss Lawyers
  • Katherine Larkin-Wong is a Litigation and Trial Associate in the San Francisco office of Latham & Watkins LLP
  • Ellen Ostrow, is a strategic talent advisor, psychologist, certified coach, and founding principal of Lawyers Life Coach LLC
  • Janice P. Brown, founder and senior partner in the Brown Law Group