• Women In Law

    Women In Law

    Women in Law, Discovering the True Meaning of Success Women in Law chronicles the stories of 23 women lawyers as each one embarks on her own personal journey of self-love, self-reflection, and self-awareness to define for herself what success means in law–and in life.   Each story in Women in Law is as unique as…

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  • Just Ask! How Women Can Succeed as RainMakers & Law Firm Leaders

    Just Ask! How Women Can Succeed as RainMakers & Law Firm Leaders

    LawyersEdge Podcast  with Patricia Gillette Pat recognizes the uneven playing field for women and minorities in the legal space. That’s why she co-founded the Opt-In Project — a nationwide initiative focused on changing the structure of law firms to increase the retention and advancement of women. As someone who worked her way up to become…

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  • DirectWomen Webinar: Valerie Jarrett

    Webinar Moderator: Patricia K. Gillette It was truly my pleasure moderate our webinar that gave Valerie the opportunity to share her wisdom with so many. And a big thank you to DirectWomen for having the vision to select Valerie as the 2021 Sandra Day O’Connor Board Excellence Honoree and provide a platform for her to speak…

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  • Finding Balance in an Unbalanced World

    Finding Balance in an Unbalanced World

    Podcast: Finding Balance in an Unbalanced World Hosted by Abhijat with Patricia K. Gillette In this Fringe Legal hosted discussion Abhijat Saraswat speaks with Pat Gillette. During the discussion they cover: What Is Rainmaking? Defined and Demystified Pat has literally authored the book on rainmakers. Learn the outcomes of the two year study which identified the…

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  • Women Are Ready: Is the Legal Industry?

    Women Are Ready: Is the Legal Industry?

    Dorothy. For most of us that name evokes immediate images of a young woman, a hurricane, and the wicked witch. Yes, the Wizard of Oz. But one image Dorothy never conjures up is that of a female leader. And yet, isn’t that is exactly what Dorothy was? She took the Scarecrow, the Tinsman, and the…

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  • Making it Rain: What Does it Take?

    Pat partners with the American Bar Association and offers inside tips on what sets lawyers apart when it comes to Rainmaking and how to differentiate yourself and your firm when pitching to clients. Webinar is 45 minutes short and you will learn a lot in that short time!

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  • Mansfield Rule

    Leadership Can No Longer be a Man’s Field: How to Successfully Implement the Mansfield Rule  Change is like heaven. Everybody wants to go there, but no one wants to die. Perhaps that explains why the demographics of law firm leadership have remained the same for so many years.  Here are options to take the next…

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  • Beyond Bias

    Unleashing the Potential of Women in Law Featuring Patricia K. Gillette, Carol Frohlinger, Epstein Henry Esq, Cathy Fleming and many more The lack of women in power positions could be costing law firms far more than they think in both economic and cultural terms. Quite aside from the widely accepted understanding that more diverse teams…

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  • Implicit Bias: Light it Up

    Why are so many people afraid of the dark?  Maybe because you don’t know what’s there.  You sense danger. So you remain quiet and wait for someone to turn on a light. That is what it feels like to be the victim of implicit bias.  It is hard to detect.  And while you can’t see…

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  • Insights on Leadership

    Pat Gillette Receives Distinguished 2015 Golden Hammer Award The ABA Law Practice Division Diversity & Inclusion Committee and the ABA Women Rainmakers have awarded this year’s Golden Hammer Award to Pat Gillette. The Golden Hammer Award recognizes the work of individuals and entities who have helped promote diversity in the ABA and the legal profession.…

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