DirectWomen Webinar: Valerie Jarrett

Webinar Moderator: Patricia K. Gillette

Direct Women Webinar: Valerie JarrettIt was truly my pleasure moderate our webinar that gave Valerie the opportunity to share her wisdom with so many. And a big thank you to DirectWomen for having the vision to select Valerie as the 2021 Sandra Day O’Connor Board Excellence Honoree and provide a platform for her to speak to all of us.

I started the day filled with dread over the political situation in which our country and our democracy finds itself. But after speaking with Valerie Jarrett , I have hope that we can recapture what is good and right about our country and take steps to mend the divisiveness. And that is what Valerie does - she inspires us to get up, speak out, and find solutions to the challenges we are facing in our personal, professional and political lives. That is why she is my hero.